Second XI Match Reports: 2018-19

Saturday, September 29th 2018

Ramblers Vets 2, Convocation 5

Convocation (from): Morgan, Dickson, Lamb B, McLaren, Hoban, Poole I, Carnacina, Schofield R, Holder, and Ramblers players Joe, Phil, Chris and Olly

Saturday, September 22nd 2018

Royal Standard 5, Convocation 9

Convocation (4-4-2): Morgan; Lamb, Southern, McLaren, Moss; Willis, Barrett, Schofield, Scregg; Knox, Knox; Subs: Poole G, Cola

Saturday, September 15th 2018

Convocation 6, Avenue F.C. 1

Convocation (4-4-2): Morgan, Poole G, Madeloso, Lamb B, Ross; Holder, Poole I, Schofield R, Carnacina; Knox, Kaye; Subs: Round, McLaren

Saturday, September 8th 2018

Convocation 2, Woolton Vets 7

Turns out Woolton's No. 24, the one we had such trouble containing, is an ex-pro. He has played a couple of games for Newcastle in the Premier League as well as spells at Bolton and various other clubs.

Convocation (4-4-2): Morgan; Lamb B, Madeloso, Prince, Edwards; Carnacina, Houston, Holder, Poole G; Knox, Kaye; Subs: Dickson, Cosgrove, Kearney


Rossett Vets V Convocation Seconds

Finally the first game of the season the wait was over, big Convocation away day to Rossett a team we have never beaten for the first game of the season. We turn up needing a big squad due to firstly Rossett being a very good quick team and with it being the first game of the season fitness (Which is never our strong point!) being low as some players had not played since the final game of last season. We get to the changing rooms and Andy lets us know due to a few last minuet drop outs we had a bare eleven, great start to the new season! The team was

Jack Morgan

Paul Dickson..................... Mclaren ......................... Prince ......................... Ross

Billy Lamb ......................... Poole ......................... Edwards ......................... Carnacina

Kaye ......................... Knoxy

With a bare 11 we knew this would be a very tough game Andy stressed to keep it tight and most of all to enjoy the game as it is the first game and that the opposition are very good. We left the changing rooms to go onto the 4G pitch which firstly was more rubber than 4G and secondly was by far the biggest pitch you can ever play on. It must the largest that parameters that is allowed as it was absolutely huge.

The game kicked off the first 10 – 15 mins were cagy as both teams were struggling with the size of the pitch. Rossetts number 10 (Dale I think) was a threat as his pace with this big pitch was obviously a danger. Ben and Andy marshalled him expertly in the first 15 mins which would carry on throughout the game an excellent display from Andy and Ben at CB. Rossett had two clear cut chances which Jack saved and Craig got in behind and in hind sight should have squared it but as all strikers do he shot and the keeper saved. Rossett got a corner and broke the deadlock looping a header over Dickson on the line. Then the Rossett number 10 Dale in the only moment all game in which he broke the line, flicked the ball over ben and slotted it into the near post 2-0 Rossett. Then Kaye won a corner, whipped it in Knoxy doing what he does best rose like a salmon back the net 2-1. Half time

Andy gave a good half time team talk explaining that the offside is working that we should keep it up, don’t get on each other’s back keep encouraging each other and the chanced will come. As we had no sub we knew we had to manage the second half well due to the size of the pitch and also the humidity was very high.

Second half kicked off and again it was very cagey. Then all of a sudden Knoxy shown an unknown ability of his a burst of pace! He ran literally down the byline going past two Rossett players he fizzed it hard and low across the box, Craig hit it, rossett keeper with a good save then the rebound fell to poole who made it 2-2 with a great finish!. Then can the controversy, Rossett had the ball it looked like it went over the line for a throw in, they carried on passed it in field to a player who looked offside he played it back to Rossetts number 5 who’s shot was going wide Ross blocked it with his chest and was deemed to have handballed it. Never a penalty the striker scored 3-2. With this injustice we banded together, Kaye as he always has done equalized (I personally do not remember this goal or I could not see as the pitch was that big!) Then last 10 min the ball breaks to Kaye the keeper commits then retreats Kaye takes a touch and we were all screaming chip him! Chip him! Chip back of the net 4-3.

Match finished 4-3 and what a performance it was! Bare 11 against a good team we have never won before was fantastic. The key things to take from the game was that never through any point of the match did anyone argue or turn on each other. The attitude was fantastic and to top it off the whole team went to the pub after for a pint all round great win and great day all round

Man of the match Knoxy – Fantastic all day got his goal and two assists great day

Special mention – Andy and Ben fantastic at the back to neutralised a very quick and dangerous attacker in Rossetts number 10 Dale fantastic from them two